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Coping with a Crisis
This two hour interactive presentation focuses on understanding the effects of natural disasters and crisis situations impacting individuals and groups, such as fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, floods, etc.  Participants will not only be able to identify the normal reactions to the crisis, but they will also learn skills to cope and gain support in group discussion.

Coping with Change/Lay-Offs/Job Transfers
This one and a half hour training will address the emotional effects of change and offer practical information on how to deal with specific circumstances.

Crisis Debriefing/Grief and Loss
EAP responds to requests by supervisors for support of workforce personnel for circumstances such as earthquakes, floods, fires, severe accidents, and deaths in the workplace.  A group session is held for employees to learn skills to deal with the emotions evoked by the circumstances.  Handouts are made available as well as information on how to schedule an individual appointment with an EAP clinician.

Dealing with Diffucult People
This two hour training will assist in the recognition of various types of personalities and suggestions on how to communicate with each type.

Drug and Alcohol Information
This one and a half hour program for all employees will enable the participants to recognize the dangers of alcohol abuse and the problems associated with illegal drug use.  Participants will learn to recognize the physical, psychological and behavioral effects of substance abuse.  This does not meet supervisor requirements for Reasonable Suspicion Drug-Free Workplace Policy.

Eating Disorders
This one hour training will encourage understanding and examine the complexities of various types of eating disorders.  Suggestions and referrals will be offered to assist in understanding the assistance and resources that are available.

Effective Communication Techniques
This one and a half hour training aids in the development of skills to communicate in an effective manner.   The goal is to improve relationships in the workplace and in one’s personal life. 

Effective Working Relationships
This one hour training program will assist in increasing the Self Awareness and Social Awareness of each of the participants as it relates to the workplace environment.  The components of effective teamwork and positive interactions will be discussed. 

Manage Your Anger: Get More Out of Life
This two hour training not only helps to recognize the dysfunctional thinking that leads to negative behaviors but also provides the skills necessary to deal more effectively with anger.  Video and group exercises are utilized to enhance learning.

Stress Management I*
This two hour interactive training offers a Cognitive Behavioral approach to dealing with stress.  Participants will learn skills to manage the stress and frustration of daily life. Video and group exercises are utilized to enhance learning.

* Stress Management I and II offer two unique methods to cope with stress.  Stress Management I is Cognitive-Behavioral while Stress Management II is experiential.

Stress Management II*
This two hour training offers an experiential approach towards managing daily stress.  This training is supplemental to Stress Management I.  Various types of relaxation techniques and time management skills will be introduced throughout the session.  “Hands-on” coping skills will be introduced to help manage stress under common circumstances.

* Stress Management I and II offer two unique methods to cope with stress.  Stress Management I is Cognitive-Behavioral while Stress Management II is experiential.

Topical Presentations
Specialized programs for specific occasions such as a holiday luncheon or departmental meeting will be developed and presented by the clinician who may have particular expertise in the area of interest whenever possible.  


Department of Transportation (DOT) Rules and Regulations for Safety-Sensitive Employees
This two hour training is mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to inform supervisors of the rules and regulations regarding the illegal use of alcohol and drugs and the ability to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with substance abuse.  DOT requires that one-hour long sessions on each alcohol and drug information are to be offered.  Participants will learn to identify and document behaviors related to substance abuse and refer identified employees for drug testing. 

Reasonable Suspicion/Drug-Free Workplace Policy (web based online training)
This two hour training is designed to assist supervisors in understanding and implementing the policy that applies to all County of Los Angeles employees regarding the requirement to be substance-free while they are on duty.   Participants will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug use by employees and the process of documentation needed to refer the employee for testing.  Click here for online training.

Troubled Employee and Threat-Management Policy
This one hour training will assist the supervisor to comply with the “Zero-Tolerance” policy by identifying various problems (e.g., threats to harm, stalkers or domestic violence) which might occur and methods to resolve them.