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Special Projects Unit

The Special Project unit coordinates multi-department work teams in response to Board-ordered contracting policies and programs; prepares implementing instructions for new contracting programs/initiatives; resolves contracting policy questions; issues mandatory contract language to address various Board concerns; and assists County departments on contracting policy interpretation.

The Special Project unit staffs the Contractor Hearing Board (CHB). The CHB holds hearings, and, in turn, makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on whether to debar a contractor. The CHB is comprised of the Internal Services Department, the Office of Affirmative Action Compliance, the Department of Public Works, and is chaired by the CAO. County Counsel serves as legal advisor to the CHB. The Departments of Health Services, Parks and Recreation and Public Social Service have been added to the CHB as alternate members.

The Special Project unit also convenes County Review Panels. County Review Panels are convened at the request of vendors alleging department have made errors in their solicitation process. Panels consist of three individual from outside the departments conducting the solicitation. Vendors and the departments are given the opportunity to provide both written documentation and oral presentation to the Panels at the meeting. A Panel’s recommendations are documented and forwarded to the vendor and the department.

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