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Enhancing Community Access to County Services
Unincorporated Area Services Unit

GOAL 6:  COMMUNITY SERVICES:  Improve the quality of life for the residents of Los AngelesCounty’s unincorporated communities by offering a wide range of department coordinated services responsive to each community’s specific needs.

In March 2005, the Board of Supervisors updated the County’s Strategic Plan Goal 6 for the period 2005-2007.  Goal 6 of the County’s Strategic Plan consolidated the activities that were being undertaken as part of the Strategic Plan for Municipal Services to Unincorporated Areas (Unincorporated Area Strategic Plan) under Goal 6 Strategies.   The consolidation of the initiatives provides for a single document to manage strategic planning initiatives for the improvement of the quality of life for residents of the County’s unincorporated communities.  A Community Services Task Force has been formed to guide implementation of several initiatives including, code enforcement, service integration, and service enhancement.

Unincorporated Area Services Unit

County‘s 2-1-1 Information and Referral (I&R) Services

On July 1, 2005, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors implemented the County’s new 2-1-1 calling system. Residents of the unincorporated areas can dial 2-1-1 to access an array of information such as emergency food and shelter, senior services, childcare, employment resources, low-cost health care, alcohol and drug-related support, code enforcement, and many other resources. Unincorporated area residents can also obtain information regarding municipal services which the county provides to their communities. The information is provided at no cost to callers and is provided in many languages.  This information and referral service is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The information provided to the resource advisors who handle the calls made to 2-1-1 is confidential.  In case of an emergency, you still must dial 9-1-1.

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Community Connection

The Office of Unincorporated Area Services (OUAS) in collaboration with various County departments, publishes Community Connections, resource guides that provide information on County municipal services, local resources and events, recreational activities, consumer issues, health and human services  and code enforcement.  Also included in the resource guides is a list of telephone numbers to County departments that can help residents report problems or request services. Click the links below to access Community Connections for the following unincorporated areas.

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Connection Survey
(Resource guides called the Connection are published for some unincorporated areas to assist in locating public services. This survey will provide valuable information to improve the publications.)

Unincorporated Area Directories

East Los Angeles Civic Center

The County is completing a $30 million renovation to the East Los Angeles Civic Center (Civic Center), located in the heart of East Los Angeles in the corner of Third Street and Mednik Avenue.  In addition to the Edward R. Roybal Comprehensive Health Center, Superior Courts, Probation Department, and the East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station, the Civic Center houses the East Los Angeles Public Library, the County Hall and is home to Belvedere Park Lake and Lakeside Stage. 

The Civic Center Library offers adult and children’s areas, a Chicano Resource Center, a community meeting room, a computer room, separate study rooms, Friends of the Library Bookstore, materials in English and Spanish, Internet access, and more.

The East Los Angeles County Hall is the first departmental service center in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County.  Visitors will be offered convenient and easy access to County departments and services such as Supervisor Hilda Solis East Los Angeles Field Office, the Departments of Parks and Recreation, Consumer Affairs, Public Works, Health, Fire, and Regional Planning.

The Belvedere Lake is stocked with catfish, and fishing derbies are held annually in June and September.  The Lakeside Stage offers a free Summer Concert Series during July and August and a variety of youth dance recitals and “Cheer Off” competitions.

Other improvements to the Civic Center include a public art program, a child care center, a pedestrian mall and central plaza and parking improvements.  In addition, the El Sol East Los Angeles Shuttle is currently offering residents an economical and efficient way to get around town.  All three lines of the El Sol offer increased mobility within the East Los Angeles area to the Civic Center, allowing riders to transfer between shuttle buses.

Plans are also underway for the construction of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Eastside Gold Line project, which will be an extension of the existing Gold Line system continuing through Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles from the Los Angeles Civic Center to Union Station.

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Economic Development

In August 2001, the Board of Supervisors adopted an Economic Development – Business Incentive Program Policy (Economic Development Policy) that establishes criteria and procedures for use in encouraging business attraction, retention, and expansion in the unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles County region.  The objective of the Economic Development is to provide County-sponsored incentives that meet the specific needs of an individual business project, a target commercial/industrial area, or a community investment project that would result in jobs for the County’s workforce, expansion of the County’s tax base, and enhancement of the quality of life of County residents.  

As part of the County Board of Supervisors Economic Development Policy, the La Alameda Shopping Center Project was approved by the Board in August 2005.  The project consists of 18.4 acres at Alameda Street and Florence Avenue and will contain 250,000 square feet of retail space and 14,000 square feet of office space.  A large number of national retail tenants are expected to occupy space in the new development.  Construction is expected to begin in August 2006 and be completed in August 2007.  This project will benefit low- and moderate-income residents through the provision of goods and services otherwise not available in the Florence-Firestone and Walnut Park communities.  This project will also assist in the elimination of blight, creation of approximately 750 permanent, full-time jobs, and promotion of a sense of economic well-being for families in the affected unincorporated communities. 

To download a copy of the Economic Development Policy, click here.

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Emergency Management

Over the last two years, the County of Los Angeles, in partnership with the Topanga community, State and local agencies and non-profit organizations, developed an emergency management plan for the Topanga area.  This partnership resulted in the publication in September 2005 of the Topanga Disaster Survival Guide.  The Guide was distributed to residents and businesses in the Topanga area. 

The County is now studying the feasibility of developing emergency management plans for other unincorporated communities in the County, using the Topanga emergency management plan as a model.    For more information, or to download copies of the Topanga Disaster Survival Guide visit  http://www.topangasurvival.org/.

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Community Enhancement Team

In an effort to improve services and accountability to the residents of unincorporated Florence-Firestone, the County of Los Angeles in collaboration with community members, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders, formed a Community Enhancement Team (CET). The team is comprised of staff from various County municipal services departments, the Chief Executive Office, and the Board offices.  County departments entered into a joint venture to provide integrated services and combined functions to make the best use of staff assigned to a specific unincorporated area.

Community leaders were identified and invited to participate as partners in the decision-making process in Florence-Firestone to determine priorities for service enhancements such as public safety, code enforcement, traffic, road and street maintenance, development of infrastructure, and community identification and involvement. 

Some of the initiatives completed by the Florence-Firestone CET (FFCET) include: expansion of park youth programs; initiation of a Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team to abate gang violence; publication of a resource guide, Community Connection; coordination of street sweeping, garbage collection and parking enforcement; installation of roadway and pedestrian lighting and 1,450 new street name signs; formation of the first unincorporated area Business Improvement District; formation of a Community Standards District; and enhancement of code enforcement efforts.

Based on the success of this undertaking and the resulting benefits to the community of Florence-Firestone, the County intends to expand this effort in other unincorporated areas.

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