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The Special Projects unit provides key staff support to the Guiding Coalition and all County departments in promoting and implementing the County Strategic Plan and related performance measurement efforts.  On March 15, 2005, the Board adopted the second revision to the Strategic Plan, which included new and updated Strategies to existing Strategic Plan Organizational and Programmatic Goals.  Additional revisions were adopted by the Board on March 14, 2006. A major component of the Strategic Plan is performance measurement which includes the following allied components:

Performance Counts!

A key element of the County Strategic Plan since 2002 has been the development and implementation of a countywide framework for performance measurement to consistently inform the Board and the public of the results of our efforts in fulfilling the County Mission, “to enrich lives through effective and caring service.” Performance Counts! is the result of this effort: it is a framework for reporting and tracking the results of the services delivered by the County. Performance Counts! is an essential component of the effort to effect cultural change in the County through implementation of the Strategic Plan.

County Progress Report

Based on Fourth District initiative and related Board instruction, the County Progress Report, first issued in November 2004, is an annual publication that tracks the impact of County programs and services grouped under the County Strategic Plan’s four Programmatic Goals: Children and Families’ Well-Being, Community Services, Health and Mental Health Services, and Public Safety. County performance information, drawn from Performance Counts! and Children and Families’ Budget measures already tracked by County departments, is compared with indicators of regional and countywide conditions. The intent is to inform our constituents, the resident of Los Angeles County, how we are making a positive difference in their lives with the resources provided.

The second edition of the County Progress Report was issued in December 2005 as a component of the County’s Annual Report. 

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