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The County uses a variety of methods to handle its risk exposures and control its Cost of Risk. For example, some risk exposures are retained by the County (self-insured) while others are transferred through the purchase of commercial insurance.

Commercial Insurance Programs
Risk Management Operations (RMO) serves as the County's internal insurance broker and administrator for its commercial insurance policies (see Summary of Insurance Programs).
These programs benefit:

  • County departments (for example, the Property Insurance Program)
  • Contractors Liability Insurance Program (SPARTA)
  • Special Event Liablity Insurance Program (SELIP)
  • Volunteers (for example, Volunteer Worker Program)

Contractual Risk Management
Risk Management Operations also reviews County contracts and agreements and provides training on contractual risk management to department contract managers, analysts and monitors.

Self-Insurance Programs
Self-insurance is the risk-financing method used by the County to pay most of its vehicle liability and physical damage, general liability, and professional liability costs. Property losses and other uninsured costs not covered under commercial insurance programs are also paid in this manner.

Evidence of Insurance
RMO issues certificates of County commercial and self-insurance coverage to third parties. RMO also develops statements of indemnification and hold harmless provisions in concert with contract/agreement terms and evidence of insurance, as needed.
For additional information contact:

Toni Vega at  tvega@ceo.lacounty.gov or (213) 738-2159