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The Los Angeles County Education Coordinating Council (ECC) was created by the Board of Supervisors in November 2004, and charged with raising the educational achievement of foster and probation youth throughout Los Angeles County. The ECC brings together, for the first time, the major stakeholders responsible for the educational performance of foster and probation youth. Its 24 members include the leadership of school districts (with significant numbers of system youth), County departments, the juvenile court, city and County children’s commissions, advocacy and planning groups, community agencies, and youth and their caregivers.

The purpose of the ECC is to coordinate efforts across organizations and jurisdictions, encouraging networks of people to work together to expand the best practices and fill the gaps in communities where little help or support for families is available, so that none of our children are left behind.

Since its creation, the ECC has reached out to hundreds of organizations, agencies, constituent groups and communities throughout Los Angeles County, helping to overcome existing barriers to effectively work together, and building solid relationships with those who share responsibility for or have an interest in the education of system youth.  In 2005, the ECC developed a comprehensive blueprint for raising the achievement of DCFS and Probation youth.  The Blueprint, “Expecting More,” lays out the challenge for raising the educational achievement of foster and probation youth, the outcomes we want for these children and youth, and a plan for achieving them, based on current research and identified best practices.

For additional information about the Los Angeles County Education Coordinating Council please visit http://educationcoordinatingcouncil.org.
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