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What We Do:

RES provides rigorous and objective research for key policymakers in Los Angeles County. This research is designed to provide guidance in the implementation, assessment and enhancement of major County programs and initiatives, particularly those with implications for families, children and the low-income population. RES' expert staff consists of specialists in the areas of analytics, integrated data systems, demographic analysis, forecasting, data mining, policy research, program evaluation, and quantitative and qualitative research.

RES fuses qualitative methods, such as ethnography and focus groups and in-depth interviews with more conventional quantitative methods, including high-level statistical analysis and survey research. Using this two-pronged approach, RES conducts social policy research for a number of County departments to evaluate programs the County provides to families, children and individuals. Drawing on valuable connections with local public policy groups, universities and foundations, RES is able to provide evaluation research in a broad range of areas that include Welfare-to-Work programs and their effects, the Homeless Prevention Initiative (HPI), employment and income trends, low-income housing, transportation, child welfare, immigration and health care. The RES research agenda continues to grow and the policy recommendations flowing from its studies have gained influence within the County and have received national recognition.  These recommendations have shaped social welfare policies and are now being used to improve data integration among departments providing multiple services to low-income populations. RES is currently working to conduct several cost avoidance studies in connection with HPI, outcomes of youth exiting dependent care, data mining to detect fraud in child care services, as well as an evaluation of programs associated with the Federal Economic Stimulus Package.

RES is a member of the Intelligence for Social Policy group, which is run and coordinated by the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice and funded by the MacArthur Foundation.


General Relief Studies

Homeless Prevention Initiative

Welfare Reform and Policy

Welfare Trends

Children and Families

Child Care

Needs Assessments

Forthcoming Studies:
  • Homeless Prevention Initiative Cost Avoidance Studies
  • Outcomes Associated with Educational and Vocational Training Opportunities in CalWORKs
  • Employment Outcomes and Program Participation among CalWORKs Specialized Supportive Services Recipients
  • General Relief Program Operations Evaluation
  • Outcomes Generated for Low-Income Families through the Federal Economic Stimulus Package

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