Generic Medications $87 Million Saved
Every day the County is using efficient best practices to provide County residents and businesses with the most responsive, cost-effective, quality services.  During fiscally challenging times, the County’s dedication to efficiency becomes even more important, helping to maintain high priority, essential services that the public relies upon -- and at the same time, avoiding layoffs and adding to the economic crisis.  These County’s Efficiency Initiatives can inspire residents, businesses and other local governments to achieve similar successes.

Learn more about the on-going efficiency projects in the County, including the cost savings, cost avoidance and time savings achieved.  Click on the links to resources that will help residents, businesses and local governments jump-start their own Efficiency Initiatives.  See the benefits stacking up – as of March, 2012 the County has saved $249 million.

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Simple Steps Save $255 Million  
Phone Lines $5.5 Million Saved