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Welcome to the County of Los Angeles
Medical Provider Network

Welcome to the County of Los Angeles Medical Provider Networks (MPNs). This website contains important information on how to access the County of Los Angeles (County) Medical Provider Networks (MPNs), and how to:

  • Find out if you are covered
  • Access medical care
  • Learn about continuity of care
  • Choose your physician
  • Transfer into the MPNs
  • Contact our medical management companies (MMC)
  • Request second or third opinion
  • Obtain an independent medical review (IMR)

The County has elected to provide you with the choice of a broad range of medical services for work-related injuries and illnesses by implementing three MPNs. You may choose a provider from any of the three MPNs.

The MPNs are ready to provide quality medical care through your choice of a provider who is part of a pre-qualified network of physicians, each possessing a clear understanding of the State of California Workers’ Compensation system and its decision-making impact on you.

The County has received approval from the State of California to provide your Workers’ Compensation medical care needs through its MPNs.

You are automatically covered by the MPNs if your date of injury or illness is on or after the County’s implementation date; and, if you have not pre-designated a personal physician prior to your injury or illness.

How does it work?

When an occupational injury occurs, contact your supervisor immediately, and if you are not pre-designated, ask for assistance to access an initial treatment center.

For emergency treatment –

If you have an emergency, which is defined as a medical condition starting with a sudden onset of severe symptoms that without immediate attention could place your health in serious jeopardy, go to the nearest healthcare provider regardless of whether or not it is in the County’s MPNs. If your emergency injury is work related, advise your emergency care provider to contact your supervisor to arrange for a transfer of care to a provider in the County’s MPNs.

For hospital and specialty care –

If necessary, your primary treating physician in the MPNs will make all of the arrangements and referrals for specialists, inpatient hospital, outpatient surgery center services and ancillary care services. The MPNs have specialty care providers within 30 miles or 60 minutes from your work or residence, pursuant to Section 9767.5.

For appointments –

If you have any difficulty scheduling an appointment with your initial provider or subsequent provider, please contact your supervisor or your department’s return to work coordinator.

Reporting injuries – The County’s Medical Management Companies (MMC) (for 5020 reporting) are:

Allied Managed Health (AMC) at (888) 935-2667

CompIQ at (866) 291-7121

CorVel Corp. at (888) 419-0585

For further information, please contact:

  • Chief Executive Office, Risk Management Branch, Workers’ Compensation Unit at:
    (213) 351-5479
  • Chief Executive Office, Risk Management Branch, Disability Management Programs Unit at: (213) 351-6411

Regarding Workers’ Compensation laws, Medical Provider Networks, and other related links, log onto the State of California website at: www.dir.ca.gov/

Chief Executive Office - Risk Management Branch
Disability Management Program

(213) 351-5479 or
(213) 738-2226