• October 1, 2022

Governor Newsom Strengthens State’s Commitment to a California For All


Governor Newsom Strengthens State’s Commitment to a California For All

Governor Newsom Strengthens State’s Commitment to a California For All 800 423 Los Angeles County

On September 13, 2022, Governor Newsom signed an executive order directing state agencies and departments to take additional actions to embed equity analysis and considerations in their mission, policies and practices. This action will help expand opportunity for all by addressing disparities for historically underserved and marginalized communities.
Addressing unequal circumstances helps drive equal outcomes so all Californians have the chance to reach their full potential and lead healthy and rewarding lives, and all California communities can thrive and prosper.

Under the order, state agencies and departments are directed to embed policies and practices in their strategic plans in order to further advance equity and opportunity and address disparities in access and outcomes. As part of these efforts, agencies and departments will incorporate more inclusive public engagement and data analysis to better serve all Californians.

In addition, the order helps protect communities against hate violence and discrimination through accelerated actions, supports equitable investment of federal infrastructure funding, promotes a more inclusive and diverse state workforce, and encourages contracting opportunities for California businesses in disadvantaged regions and communities. Under the order, the California Health and Human Services Agency and Government Operations Agency will also develop recommendations to improve language and communications access to state government services and programs.

The executive order also establishes the state’s first Racial Equity Commission. The Commission, developed with Senator Dr. Richard Pan and the racial equity organizations that sponsored SB 17, will produce a Racial Equity Framework consisting of resources and tools to promote racial equity and address structural racism. More broadly, the Commission will recommend tools, methodologies and opportunities to advance racial equity, and will be available to provide direct assistance to state agencies in reviewing and updating policies and practices upon request.

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