Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiative
Welcome to the Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative landing page, where you can stay up to date on implementation of this Board of Supervisors-approved initiative.

A unanimous Board of Supervisors adopted the anti-racist policy agenda motion, calling it an overdue response and an opportunity for meaningful change. Hear their remarks in this short video.


On July 21, 2020, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted a sweeping initiative that boldly articulates an anti-racist agenda that will guide, govern and increase the County’s ongoing commitment to fighting racism in all its dimensions, especially racism that systemically and systematically affects Black residents. The motion, authored by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and unanimously approved by all five Supervisors, establishes an anti-racist Los Angeles County policy agenda. The full text of the motion can be found here.

The motion calls for the Chief Executive Office to return to the Board in 60 days with a strategic plan and policy platform enacting the initiative as a Board-directed priority. Stakeholder engagement opportunities and notification of community conversations will be added to this website in the days and weeks ahead.