Alternatives to Incarceration Initiative

Third Party Administrator(s) For Community Providers (CLOSED)

The Board of Supervisors has approved an unprecedented $187.7 million spending package to advance its care first, jails last vision with a series of direct community investments and funding for alternatives to incarceration—accelerating the transformative process of creating a more just and equitable Los Angeles County for all residents.County is now accepting competitive solicitations for the TPA opportunity

The spending plan fully embraces the spirit of the voter-approved Measure J and includes a $100 million year one down payment for Board-approved programs now known as “Care First and Community Investment” (CFCI) programs. Over the next three years, more than $50 million in CFCI funds will be disbursed to community-based organizations by a Third-Party Administrator (TPA).

The County is now accepting responses to a competitive solicitation for TPA services.

The TPA Solicitation has been revised as of December 22, 2021.  The attached addendum shall be effective immediately.  RFSI #CFCI-21-05, is attached hereto in its entirety, showing the underlined added language.

Third Party Administrator(s) Duties

Act as fiscal intermediary and administer County funds by contracting with eligible community-based organizations (CBOs) that will operate programs in the following strategy areas:

  • Diversion, Behavioral Health, and Health
  • Economic Opportunity and Sustainability
  • Education Access and Youth Development
  • Housing
  • Reentry

The TPA will administer up to $27 million of CFCI and non-CFCI funds, which will be allocated annually to support these services, including the funding that  the TPA will disburse to CBOs via grants or service contracts as a result of competitive solicitations with the goal of equitably increasing access to funding for CBOs who experience barriers to access for traditional County funding and addressing the impact of inequities within the criminal justice systems.

TPA duties include:

Provide a project timeline within 30 days of contract execution and quarterly updates thereafter, including updates on ensuring grants and/or contracts with community providers are awarded within 6 months of executing TPA agreement with County.

Develop a CBO  application and eligibility process based on research and input from community stakeholders through listening sessions and other engagement opportunities as agreed to by the TPA and County. Conduct competitive solicitation processes to select and award grants and/or contracts

Ensure that services and/or direct community investment are being provided equitably and that selected CBOs are culturally competent and have experience providing services in the communities they are contracted to serve.

Assess and address technical assistance needs of CBOs unable to meet solicitation requirements and where possible, connect unsuccessful applicants with capacity building opportunities in the community and the County.

Ensure CBOs have performance requirements that measure fidelity to the services provided in alignment with standard measures identified for each Strategy and specific measures identified based on identified program characteristics and capacity. Provide and present a written and oral report to the County on a quarterly basis and/or as requested by the County present to stakeholder groups such as the Care First Community Investment Advisory Committee, as well as a quarterly and fiscal year-end funding report.

Compensation and Programs

TPA(s) compensation will consist of an administrative fee for administering funds not to exceed 15% of the funds, and reimbursement to pass through to the CBO for any reasonable additional cost of meeting the insurance requirements (if required as part of funding awards). A List of programs the TPA(s) will administer funding for is available below:

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