Digital Divide Regional Strategy
The Los Angeles Region is struggling with the Digital Divide which has been exacerbated during COVID-19 as workplaces and schools have shut down and forced people to work from home. Families that do not have broadband access and/or computers at home are at a severe disadvantage. This impacts their abilities to use supportive County digital services which can possibly lead to other social-economic issues like homelessness.

Digital Divide Board Motion

Board Progress Report

Data Storyboard

Digital Divide Strategy Principles

Holistic strategic approach with clear guiding principles rather than current piecemeal approach


Digital Access to ALL


Long term solutions not dependent on limited funding/grants


Addressing security and privacy issues


Through consensus from all ecosystem stakeholders

Digital Divide Strategic Planning Approach

A Digital Divide Strategic Planning Approach is being constructed in partnership with County departments, cities, states, private partners and other institutes. The plan would enable sustainable solutions that will bridge the digital divide gap to provide all households in LA County. The Office of the CIO is proposing the below dual action plan.

  • Immediate Action Plan Creating an internal action plan to achieve quick wins & consolidate all internal efforts for a unified view of the progress for the Los Angeles County.
  • Sustained Regional Strategy Develop regional strategic planning efforts with regional stakeholders including public sector, private sector, community-based organizations, venture capital, academia, entrepreneurs and implement policy/programs interventions identified through the strategic plan.

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