County of LA Strategic Plan

Message From The CEO

In April 2016, the CEO’s Office issued a report called Driving Transformative Change in Los Angeles County.

This report traced the path of Board Priorities and identified certain critical next steps to continue moving forward in addressing some of the County’s most critical challenges.

In that report, the CEO’s Office pointed out the following:

As the Board continues to drive policy focused on addressing our most challenging social problems, and the Departments work to meet their respective and diverse missions, the CEO needs a mechanism to ensure that the efforts of County Departments are aligned with Board priorities in a way that increases the County’s chances of successfully impacting the lives of children, adults, families and business of Los Angeles County.

That mechanism is a strategic plan – a plan that provides direction to Departments and their partners and a measurement plan to track both performance and outcomes.

I am pleased to present to you the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan for the County of Los Angeles.

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