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Learn About OurCounty Actions led by the Chief Sustainability Office

The Chief Sustainability Office serves as the County lead for implementing a select sub-set of the actions outlined in the OurCounty sustainability plan. Learn about some of our ongoing implementation efforts below.

Single Use Plastic Food Service Ware Ordinance

On October 15, 2019, the Board of Supervisors adopted a motion titled “Limiting Single Use Plastics in Los Angeles County Unincorporated Areas” directing County staff to develop an ordinance to address ongoing issues with plastic waste management and litter. The motion further directed staff to contract with UCLA’s Luskin Center to develop a report on plastics waste management in LA County and to convene stakeholders to inform development of the ordinance.

The ordinance is expected to be submitted to the Board for consideration in early April 2022.

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Climate Vulnerability Assessment

Released on October 13, 2021, the countywide Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) examines the County’s social and physical vulnerability to climate hazards such as extreme heat, wildfire, and flooding — which are projected to become more severe in the coming decades.

The report highlights equity implications of the assessment findings, including how climate vulnerabilities are distributed across different communities and sub-populations within the county. Vulnerability, in the context of this discussion, does not signify any kind of innate individual weakness; to understand how climate hazards and adaptation strategies may impact people differently, we looked at structural inequities and other factors that put some people at greater risk of negative impacts. We used qualitative and quantitative methods to create a combined approach that highlights the voices, stories, and experiences of frequently excluded, highly vulnerable groups.

These findings will guide a range of climate adaptation, emergency preparedness, and community resiliency efforts.

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