Countywide Communications is chiefly responsible for providing the public with a deeper understanding of the County’s priorities and operations. Original content produced by the communications team—including videos and news programming—appears on the County’s websites, social media and cable channel. Other responsibilities of the office include: serving as the media liaison for the County; assisting with Public Records Act requests, and responding to public inquires.

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The Help Desk: Homelessness and the L.A. County Libraries

The L.A. Model: Changing young lives at Campus Kilpatrick

Multimedia Cable and Telecommunications

The Cable and Telecommunications Office monitors cable television companies operating in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, investigates subscriber complaints on issues ranging from quality of service to billing errors, provides referrals to consumers living outside County service areas; and oversees the operation of the County Channel, (the County’s cable channel).

Serving the County of Los Angeles

Cable Operators

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