Legislative Affairs is the focal point of coordination of State and Federal legislative policy and strategy for the County. In consultation with the Board of Supervisors, and County departments, CEO Legislative Affairs develops the County’s legislative priorities and policies for consideration by the Board, and analyzes legislative proposals. The County’s advocacy is handled on a day-to-day basis by the Sacramento and Washington, D.C. offices.

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Legislative Information

Legislative Agendas

The County’s State and Federal Agendas contain principles and policies that serve as the basis for the development and advocacy of positions on legislative, administrative, and budget issues.

State and Federal Legislation of Interest to the County of Los Angeles

This report provides the status of State and Federal County-Advocacy Legislation and Legislation of County interest. This online legislative tracking system provides up-to-date bill status and information; information regarding the County’s position; and allows end-users to view reports in their entirety, or search bill reports by category, such as issue area, county position, etc.

Legislative Delegations

Rosters for members of the Los Angeles County legislative delegation, and legislative district maps for the State.

City Officials

Contact information for the 88 incorporated cities of Los Angeles County.

City Official Roster
Matrix of County Services Provided to Cities

Office of Protocol

The Office of Protocol, a part of the Office of Legislative Affairs, ensures that appropriate protocol is observed when foreign dignitaries visit Los Angeles County; maintains a liaison with the Los Angeles Consular Corps; promotes international business, tourism and cultural exchanges throughout Los Angeles County; and increases international understanding and cultural awareness.

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