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Over the course of several months, department representatives, Board-Directed Priority leads, and the CEO team met frequently to strategize, analyze, and draft a strategic plan that would inform the LA County’s planning, programming, service delivery, and budgeting over the next six years. The County’s 2024 – 2030 County Strategic Plan reflects the most important work for the County in the years to come. Aligned with the Board of Supervisors’ Board-Directed Priorities, it seeks to drive the creation of ecosystems that enable families and communities to thrive.

Los Angeles County Mission, Vision & Values


Establish superior services through inter-departmental and cross-sector collaboration that measurably improves the quality of life for the people and communities of Los Angeles County.


A value-driven culture, characterized by extraordinary employee commitment to enrich lives through effective and caring service and empower people through knowledge and information.


Integrity, Inclusivity, Compassion, Customer Orientation and Equity

North Stars

The strategic plan’s North Stars are carried forward from the 2016 – 2021 strategic plan. They continue to be aspirational and relevant and provide us with continuity in our strategic direction.
The North Stars represent the County’s commitment to its constituents, the community, and good governance.

North Star 1

Make investments that transform lives.

LA County is a highly responsive organization investing in solutions that address our most complex societal challenges (health, jobs, housing, food insecurity, and recidivism) affecting our most vulnerable communities – one person at a time.

Healthy Individuals & Families

Invest in County health systems and expand care capacity that supports the physical health, mental health, and well-being of individuals across the life course continuum. This includes addressing the social determinants of health that impact resident’s well-being.

Employment & Sustainable Wages

Support social mobility, economic and workforce development, job training, meaningful connections, and access to employment opportunities with sustainable wages for County residents, with emphasis on those who are experiencing barriers to employment or the ability to earn a sustainable wage. Support small and large business growth to maintain job supply.

Housing & Homelessness

Support efforts that prevent displacement, increase access to housing stability, develop more affordable housing, sustain homeownership opportunities, and enhance the effectiveness of the County’s homeless rehousing system.

Support Vulnerable Populations

Address conditions which drive interactions with the County’s child welfare, homeless rehousing, carceral, law enforcement and justice systems.

North Star 2

Foster vibrant and resilient communities.

Investments in the lives of County residents are sustainable only when grounded in strong communities. LA County, with the support of a network of public/private partners, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, philanthropic organizations, and local governments, will foster vibrant and resilient communities.

Public Health

Address community-wide issues, social determinants of health, risks and conditions that contribute to health disparities and threaten healthy lifestyles, and environmental and community health.

Care First, Jails Last

Implement a new vision of community safety in Los Angeles County, one centered on health solutions and services provided in the community so that jail is the last option rather than the first and only response.

Public Safety

Enhance the safety of the public and our communities by addressing the risks, danger, harm, and conditions that cause, drive, or can help mitigate unlawful activity and crime, and supports law enforcement accountability and transparency.


Focus on environmental justice, particularly in communities that have long endured industrial contamination, and “Our County” Sustainability Plan’s 12 broad, aspirational, and cross-cutting goals that embrace positive change and address sustainability issues regionally.

Economic Health

Deploy and diffuse community resources and investments through partnership with community- based institutions, organizations, corporations, and small businesses to enhance the economic health of all communities.

Community Connections

Invest in our communities and create public spaces and programs that are welcoming, accessible, where all residents can easily build relationships, create social networks, feel connected and can access opportunities.

North Star 3

Realize tomorrow’s government today.

The increasingly dynamic and complex environment challenges our collective abilities to respond to public needs and expectations. LA County is an innovative, flexible, effective, and transparent partner focused on advancing the common good and being fiscally responsible.

Communication & Public Access

Provide increased transparency and accessibility to government services and communication, including information that is easy to understand and available in multiple languages and formats.

Diverse & Inclusive Workforce

Strive to meet the highest standards and promote a more diverse and inclusive County workforce that seeks to be representative of County residents.

Equity-Centered Policies and Practices

Institutionalize the use of an equity lens in County policies and practices.

Streamlined and Equitable Contracting & Procurement

Implement streamlined and more equitable contracting and procurement systems and opportunities.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Use equity and data as a tool to continually assess and strengthen our efficiency and effectiveness, maximize and leverage resources, ensure fiscal responsibility, and hold ourselves accountable.

Flexible & Efficient Infrastructure

Use lessons learned from the recent pandemic to implement flexible and efficient administrative, technological, and physical infrastructures to meet the needs of our constituents.

Internal Controls & Processes

Strengthen our internal controls and processes while being cognizant of efficiency to continue good stewardship of the public trust and fiscal responsibility.

Racial Equity Principles

Anchoring the strategic plan are Racial Equity Principles. ARDI’s Racial Equity Strategic Plan provides a vivid and detailed account of the history of racism in Los Angeles County impacting all aspects of life, and how it has been perpetuated by policy decisions that disadvantaged Blacks and other minority groups. It is supported by a wealth of data and examples that clearly illustrate the need to reverse the generational damage caused. ARDI’s vision inspires a feeling of hope for millions of County residents impacted by policies of the past. Its strategies are securely woven into the County Strategic plan to ensure that a new course is set for lasting change; and its equity principles below are embedded in each of the plan’s steps.

Reduce Disparities

Reduce racial disparities in life outcomes, as well as disparities in public investment to shape those outcomes.

Effectively Support

Develop and implement strategies that identify, prioritize, and effectively support the most disadvantaged geographies and populations.

Engage Residents

Authentically engage community residents, organizations, and other community stakeholders to inform and determine interventions (e.g., policy and program) and investments.

Improve Outcomes

Seek to improve long-term outcomes both intergenerationally and multi-generationally.

Effectively Assess

Use data to effectively assess and communicate equity needs and support timely assessment of progress.

Disaggregate Data

Disaggregate data and analysis within racial/ethnic and other demographic subgroup categories.


Work collaboratively and intentionally across departments as well as across leadership levels and decision-makers.

Act Boldly

Act urgently and boldly to achieve tangible results.

Align Policies

Align policies, processes, and practices to effectively address equity challenges throughout the County’s workforce (personnel, contractors, and vendors).

Intervene & Prevent

Intervene early and emphasize long-term prevention.

Board-Directed Priorities

The strategic plan is driven by nine Board-Directed Priorities. Each of these Priorities represent the Board’s responsive action to a complex issue that can negatively impact the health, safety, and well-being of individuals who reside in LA County. The Board’s intention with these Board-Directed Priorities is to bring hope and lasting change, to end structural racism in Los Angeles County, and to effectuate the redirection of the financial, human, and other resources it will take to succeed.

Elevating each of these Priorities and using this innovative approach to the County’s governance of its most pressing challenges has given the County the ability to pull together high-level teams to work together and find lasting solutions.

Child Protection

The Office of Child Protection’s mission is to lead broad partnerships that implement meaningful solutions to improve the lives of our children and families.

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Health Integration

This priority seeks to streamline and integrate access to high-quality services across the departments of Health Services, Mental Health, and Public Health.

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Care First, Jails Last

This Priority aims to reduce the use of jails to address social and mental health issues that can be treated through medical interventions.

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The Homeless Initiative is the central coordinating body for Los Angeles County’s ongoing effort – unprecedented in scale – to expand and enhance services for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their homes.

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Environmental Justice & Climate Health

This Priority seeks to increase community awareness of how environmental hazards can affect a person’s health and address recent and future environmental health threats impacting County residents.

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The Priority aims to create a culture within the County of Los Angeles that embodies the County’s commitment to advance the well-being of the 3.5 million immigrants who live in the County and are deeply integrated into all aspects of County life.

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Housed in the Chief Sustainability Office, this Priority upholds a comprehensive and coordinated approach to sustainability issues in the County.

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Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion

This Priority supports the Board’s sweeping intention of creating an anti-racist agenda and fighting racism in all its dimensions.

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Poverty Alleviation

This priority was created to alleviate poverty across the County and for implementing actions to accomplish that.

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