Health, Food Security and Slowing the Spread of COVID-19

Food Security


L.A. County is committed to feeding its most vulnerable communities during the pandemic. To date, we’ve provided 5 million meals to nearly 300,000 residents struggling with food and economic security since April. Leveraging federal CARES Act dollars, we’ve implemented on-the-ground programs to get much-needed food to those who need it the most. We’ve distributed nearly 6 million pounds of boxed food at dozens of drive-up events throughout the County. We’ve also delivered nearly 2.2 million meals to seniors and people who are disabled. In addition, We are distributing $20 million in grants to local community organizations that have themselves stepped up to support those in need. This web page provides an in-depth look at what’s being funded to meet these urgent needs.

If you or someone you know is hungry or struggling to put food on the table, please call the County’s help line at 2-1-1. and visit the Food Support Services for a list of Food Distribution Events.

A look at the data

Since the onset of the pandemic, 112,000 of our most vulnerable families have been served at food distribution events across the County; nearly 6 million meals have been distributed and  3.5 tons of food have made its way to out neighbor’s plates. Here’s how the numbers are spread out across Supervisorial Districts:

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View Source Data


Great Plates Delivered is keeping food service afloat

Critical Care Delivery: Meal Services