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About us

On December 13, 2016, the Board of Supervisors adopted a motion establishing the Los Angeles County Initiative on Women and Girls (WGI). The WGI will examine the systemic issues that lead to inequitable gender outcomes and recommend changes to improve the quality of life for women and girls in the County. The WGI is led by the WGI Governing Council, comprised of fifteen experts from across the County appointed by the Board of Supervisors, and the Executive Director.

Through extensive community outreach and the opportunity to produce original research, the WGI will conduct:

    • A Countywide study of the unique ways in which women and girls are impacted by the policies, programs, services, collaborations and other actions undertaken by the County;
    • A thorough assessment of the County’s recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, testing, evaluation and other Human Resources policies to ascertain any disparate impacts they may have on women; and
    • A thorough assessment of the County’s abilities and deficits in ensuring gender equity, including an analysis of each Department’s programmatic impacts, positive and negative, on women and girls in the County.

The Executive Director and the WGI Governing Council will provide periodic reports to the Board detailing the WGI’s progress and recommendations for action.

Our Mission

The mission of the Women and Girls Initiative is to establish Los Angeles County as a leader in creating opportunities and improving outcomes for all women and girls.

We will apply a gender lens when the County acts as an employer, a service provider, and as a partner to:

  • Enhance equity and justice
  • Increase leadership opportunities and capacity
  • Create innovative pathways and partnerships

Director’s Message

Welcome to the website for Los Angeles County Initiative on Women and Girls!

The Women and Girls Initiative was established in December 2016 by a unanimous vote of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to improve the lives of women and girls in L. A. County.  I am so excited to serve as the WGI Executive Director and to work with the fifteen remarkable women who have been appointed to the WGI Governing Council. Together, we are committed to making Los Angeles County a place that empowers, supports and improves the lives of women and girls.

The Board of Supervisors has charged us with examining County policies and programs as they relate to the County as an employer, contractor and partner. We will be making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on how to leverage the power and resources of the County to better meet the needs of women and girls.  We know that if we can improve outcomes for women and girls, we will improve the health and prosperity of families, communities and the County as a whole.

To make this kind of impact, we want to hear from you.  It is critical that we learn from the many individuals and organizations working on issues that affect women and girls throughout the County.  This website provides information on the initiative’s outreach activities as well as our regular Governing Council meetings and, through the comments section, a place for you to reach out directly.  If you have an idea, share it with us. If you have time, come to one of our meetings. Get involved! Together, we can make L.A. County a model for improving the lives of women and girls.

Abbe Land, Executive Director

Governing Council (2017-2022)

1st District

Katherine Spillar
Full biography

Beatriz Olvera Stotzer
Full biography

Sandra Mendoza
Full biography

2nd District

Anita DeFrantz
Full biography

Araceli Campos
Full biography

Sharon Shelton, M.A.
Full biography

3rd District

Kafi D. Blumenfield
Full biography

Wendy Greuel
Full biography

R. Christine Hershey
Full biography

4th District

Perla Hernandez Trumkul
Full biography

Jane Templin
Full biography

Dr. Carmen Estrada-Schaye
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5th District

Angela Underwood-Jacobs
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Alice Petrossian
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Jennifer Quan
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