Data management, analytics, and research in the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) supports two strategic missions: improving the delivery of County services through data integration and sharing, and supporting data driven decision making and increased information maturity through analysis, research, and information management platforms.

Under the direction of the Chief Data Officer (CDO), the data management, analytics, and research team manage the County’s Information Hub which enables a person-centric 360-degree client view approach for advancing care coordination, service delivery, client outcomes and well-being, and policymaking through better data sharing within the County and with its community partners. ​


Information Management

Administering the information hub and developing various applications to push forward Los Angeles County Initiatives

Performance Management

Growth prospects to enhance organizational performance by aligning employee actions with strategic objectives and promoting ongoing enhancement.

Research & Evaluation

Research evaluation and data driven decision making including policy fiscal impacts analysis. More at 👉🏿 LA County Open Data Portal

County Policy

To learn more about the role of LA County’s Chief Data Officer and our programs, visit
👉🏿 6.200 – Info Sharing & Management Policy


To find projects and initiatives that Los Angeles County is working on check out our Open Data Portal.

Who We Are

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