Analytics Center of Excellence

The Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) supports two strategic missions: improving the delivery of County services through data integration and sharing, and supporting data driven decision making and increased information maturity through analysis, research, and platforms.

ACE manages the County Information Hub, established to create a holistic county client view, provide comprehensive client-centric information, establish a repository of countywide client profiles and service histories, and successfully enable access to a 360 degree view of county clients.

ACE Projects

Who We Are

The ACE team is composed of data scientists, analysts, architects, researchers with years of experience using data to derive insights, improve Countywide performance, and support data-driven decision-making.

What We Do

Information Management

Information Management – including administration of the Information Hub as well as development of applications such as CHIP.

Performance Management

Performance Management – including Justice Metrics Framework and Office of Child Protection Metrics.

Research & Evaluation

Research and Evaluation – including ad-hoc research and evaluation projects across departments and the Chief Executive Office (CEO) (e.g. HI, DPSS).


The Data Science Forum and Women in Data Science Squad (WDSS) events are also hosted by the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) Team.

How We Innovate

The Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) Team is forging a path toward a unified view of County clients, securely sharing and exchanging data to coordinate service delivery, and performing data-driven analytics to achieve outcomes in support of Board Priorities and other Countywide initiatives.

This 360-degree view of County clients will empower the County to track, analyze, and optimize patterns of engagement, investigate outcomes of County services to the clients, and measure County and related program performance, and improve services for our residents.